R.O.L.E Foundation conducted waste management training with BaliSwim, a swimwear and active wear manufacturer in Denpasar on November 17th, 2020. The training modules were Basic Separation and Types of Plastic and the 32 staff members of various departments were trained in four groups. The aim was to make them more focused on waste separation and the health & safety protocol.

The training sessions

The training was conducted in two sessions for every group: the theoretical and practical learning-by-doing. The basic Separation module is about three categories of waste (organic, non-organic, hazardous waste) and the importance of separating them. The module Types of Plastics is about separating plastics into seven categories and explaining the different types of plastic.

The second session was a practical learning-by-doing session. BaliSwim had prepared five empty bins and mixed waste of the usual type they produce in their office. Based on their own waste, five types of waste were defined: organic, plastic, paper, fabric, and residue. The BaliSwim staff now had to sort the waste into these five bins. During the training, a lot of questions were asked, which made the session very interactive with interesting discussions.

Separation is the key

The biggest part of solid waste is organic. And it is this part of waste that makes it smell bad. When waste is properly separated, the pollution to the environment is minimized. The purpose of the ZeroWaste Training is to educate people how to safely separate waste, so that each type becomes more valuable as either recycled or up-cycled material.

The training covers everything from climate change, health and safety, waste streams, to permaculture. As a company, you can choose the modules that are useful for your company’s staff. Successful completion will be rewarded with a Graduation Certificate.

If you are interested in the ZeroWaste Training training for your company, please contact Rani: +62896-8569-4469 or program@rolefoundation.org.