Kids Tour Eco ParkStudents from STN7 Benoa are the first children of the year to enjoy an interactive tour around the Island Sustainability Education Center (ISEC) within the framework of ROLE’s interactive environmental, diet and exercise program which is targeted at Public Schools, Orphages and Special Schools.

In the 2 hour tour the children were making seedlings, bola bibit (clay balls filled with seeds used for reforestation), and had to guess the names of local herbs by their smell. Furthermore they could enjoy a refreshing lemongrass ice tea and fruit grown in the permaculture gardens of the center.

A lot of people are complaining about all the rubbish and plastic in the ocean. The only way to stop this happening in the long term, is to teach kids interactively about good waste management and recycling.
The main focus of the program is therefore to show them how to dispose their waste properly and to not burn it. The organic matter which is usually about 60% of the collected rubbish can be turned into fertile compost to grow nutritious food. “Waste to Wonder”
Disposing of the toxic waste properly and giving us healthy organic foods.
The students are also taught that, ” Healthy Foods leads to a Healthy Future”.

By playing fun games the kids are being motivated to do more exercise and taught that exercise on a regular basis, is important for a healthy life. “If you do not Use it you Lose it”.
This Childrens Program is taught by our Trainee Teachers and Students here at the Island Sustainability Center.

Watch the video about the Kids Program on our Youtube Channel.