Now that R.O.L.E. Foundation has received recycling machinery, it is important to store them in a dry and safe place. That is why right now, a solid roof is built in the Waste Management station.

The Importance of the Roof

Waste Management station is an area in R.O.L.E.’s Environmental Centre where people are educated about the importance of waste management. Here, people separate the waste into two categories: organic and non-organic. Organic waste can be directly put into the compost. The non-organic is separated into two categories: recyclable and non-recyclable. Then recyclable is separated into different types such as plastic, cans, paper, metal, and glass.

Without anything covering the upper part of the station, all this waste cannot be protected from sunlight and rain. Whereas to make them valuable and get recycled, the waste needs to be clean. This is one reason why having a roof to protect this station is important. Plus, the machinery will work best in a dry and clean area. Hence, the arrival of this machinery is a momentum to construct the roof for Waste Management station.

The Progress

In the last week of May R.O.L.E. Foundation made an agreement with Pekak Udi for the construction work and the actual construction started in the first week of June. Together with his team, Pekak finished the structure of the roof in less than a week.

To enable the construction workers to work efficiently, R.O.L.E. Foundation had first asked Kelompok Sosial Masyarakat 3R Tunjung Mas Lingkungan Sawangan to pick up the big heap of non-recyclable waste and bring it to Sarbagita Landfill in Suwung.

On 19 and 29 June, the recycled roof sheets that R.O.L.E. Foundation ordered from ecoBali Recycling arrived. The workers installed the roof sheets and now the Waste Management station is ready for use.

What’s Next

The Waste Management station will become a central area for waste separation and waste management training. And R.O.L.E. Foundation will start researching several ways of recycling and up-cycling plastic and glass waste. Find out more about this in the next blog.