Here you will find more information about what you will do and see during your EcoTour

Solid Waste Management Separation Station

In this station, you will have the opportunity to learn about the most bothering problem in Bali : the waste. Bali produces 20.000 tones of waste

daily, that is a 10km wall 2m high and 1m wide. However, 60% of all waste is organic.
ROLE tries to raise awareness about the need to use less of the world’s precious resources. Kids will enjoy the game of “s

eparating the trash” and it is always impresive to see all the waste that has been collected!

Compost Station

If 60% of the trash is organic, it means that we can reuse it. This is why we have created a compost station, where you will see how we proceed to reuse the organic waste, how it becomes and what we do with it then. It will also teach you how to do it at home!

The Plant Nursery

Seedlings raised in the nursery are planted on the ISEC reforestation site and given to the communities free of charge. To date, over 4000

seedlings have been freely distributed by ISEC and planted by the communities of Bali.
Nursery work typically includes preparing the soil, bagging seedlings, weeding, watering, and transplanting.
From a tiny seed grows a big tree.  Kids love to feel in harmony with nature by planting by themselves the tiny seeds. They can choose which plant they would like to see growing and they will create the best growing environment for their seeds: soil, compost, organic moult and water!


Welcome to one of our visitors’ favourite station! You don’t know about permaculture? That’s no problem as you will

learn about it! It is said that permaculture principles can make a desert into an oasis.
Permaculture is a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, and environmental design which develops sustainable architecture/human settlements and self-maintained agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems.
Kids will enjoy the game specially created for them : Identify and find some plants in the garden! You will also learn about organic and eco friendly pesticides and fertilizers.


Everyone knows about deforestation, as we all heard about the Amazonian Forest or the Sumatra ones. But did you ever help to fight against that? This is where you can help! Thanks to a Japanese technic, ROLE is contributing to Bali reforestation. It is very easy and we made a game

from that technic! We call it the “Seed Ball Game”! Come and learn about it!

Jamu Bar and Aloe Vera Skin Tasting

Jamu is a very old Indonesian traditional medicine. The jamu helps treat a large variety of health issues. You will love trying the organic jamu made at ROLE! Depending on your health conditionm you may prefer the Turmeric/Tamarind one which is good for your

digestion or the Lesser Galangal and Rice, good for the skin!

Ever tried aloe vera? If you haven’t, this is the best opportunity! Known for its health properties, we grow the Aloe Vera in the park so that our visitors can try it. You can also buy a plant and bring it home!

Snail Farm

Did you ever eat snails? Well, at ROLE we do! Why do we eat those strange creatures? Well, you will discover it at the Snail Farm!

Natural Dyes and Traditional Weaving

ROLE loves its environment and consider nature as a gift. This is why our values are to preserve our environment, but our health as well. To do so, we have launched a project called “Weaving Futures”: since 2012, we have started to create a Natural Dying station, as well as a Traditional Weaving area. You will discover how plants are used to dye the cotton threads and how our talented Weavers are using them to create eco- friendly scarves.

Enjoy an organic and local lunch at our Scenic Warung!

The Eco Learning Park is our source of inspiration : this is why our Chef is preparing the lunch depending on the garden treasures. Eggplants, papayas, tomatos, passion fruits, cucumber, spinaches, chili… You will surely enjoy to share your lunch with the local community and the volunteers!

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