July 20th 2019. As a part of Eco Youth Program R.O.L.E. Foundation in collaboration with Powerwells hosted electronic waste workshop which was attended by 15 people. Powerwells is social impact startup from Australia that provides electric light and mobile charging in remote communities.

Before the workshop begin, Powerwells team, Brad and Nick explained to the participants what motivate them to create this startup. The world generate 44.7 tonnes of e-waste per year, equivalent to 125,000 jumbo jets and only 20% of it get recycled. What Powerwells do is used the e-waste parts to build something like electric light and mobile charging and other innovations from e-waste.

During the workshop participants learned to dismantled the electronic waste and identify which part of it that can be recycled and which one was not. In the end, we classified into plastics, metals, glass, batteries, cables and PCBs and non-recyclable. Participants also had a chance to learn how to make flashlight from old batteries, cables, and LED light.

This e-waste workshop is the first in the island of Bali. Although the workshop ran for about three and a half hours, most of them still enthusiastic till the end. “This workshop is very valuable for me and I’m glad I joined this workshop”, said Putu a university student from Udayana University.