School Name : Gandhi Memorial International School
Program Date : 27th February 2018

36 students and 4 teachers from Gandhi Memorial International School participated in half day interactive training in Community Environment and Skills Center. The students were divided into three groups and each group went through different activities around the center. The students had a chance to try solid waste separation into different bins, make a lasagna compost, plant a seedling and participate in seedball throwing competition. Then they explored companion planting area where they saw and got scent of different kind of herbs and plants. In the end of the tour they got to see small snail farm and try weaving in the Sustainable Business Hut. In the school they have bins for recyclable, non-recyclable and organic waste so the students knew quite well where to put for example plastic bottles and drink cans but about food wrappings and other non-recyclable waste they were not so sure. Also, making a compost and planting seedlings was new for them but they really enjoyed all the activities in general.