Our team here at R.O.L.E. Foundation, dedicated their time and effort not only to educate the local community about waste. But we also finding people with the same passion and mission as we do.

Meet Candra,

Candra at Bali Environmental Center

Candra is a Marine Scientist from Bandung and as a scientist, he is very concern with the state our earth has become. After several freelance marine job all over Indonesia. Candra chooses Bali as his place to truly dedicated his knowledge of the environment. Candra is working with R.O.L.E. Foundation to teach local school children the danger of waste and how to fix it. Not only that he is educating the future of Bali, he is also writing several article about waste in the oceans for R.O.L.E. to share this massive problem to the whole world.

Today, Candra is doing his very first Bali Environmental Center tour with the Bali WISE girls. They are being taught how to separate their waste by playing “Waste Separation Race”, learned how to do composting with organic material, learned how to make seatball, how to plant a seedling, organic weaving and how to make traditional Jamu.

Candra is doing very well so far and we believe that Candra will be an excellence educator for the local children and community.