The ZeroWaste Center was visited by Dean Keddell who brought a group of tourists from Australia as part of Our Bali Your Bali Book Tour to get a unique experience regarding waste management, waste recycling, and permaculture. Specifically, the ZeroWaste Tour is a program where we educate local people and businesses to be aware of protecting the environment through several fun workshops and activities.

Interactive Tour at ZeroWaste Center 

This Interactive Tour lasts about 3 hours where we bring guests to visit and get hands-on experience at 10 stations. Start by getting to know and try directly the process of dyeing cloth using natural materials such as bark and leaves. Guests seemed very enthusiastic about trying to create unique patterns on their fabrics before being dipped in a decoction of natural dyes. After natural dyeing, the guests stopped by the Soap Recycling Station where they got insight on the importance of recycling soap so it doesn’t pollute the environment. At this station, they were asked to recycle soap and experience this unique experience.

The next experience that they feel is recycled paper. They were also explained that the recycled paper comes from office activities at the ROLE Foundation and the recycled paper will be used to wrap the recycled soap and can also be used to make coupons or greeting cards. After that, they visited the Workshop Station where we conducted research and development in waste management. Then they were quite interested in the Waste Area because we explained the sorting process and invited the community to manage waste.

The Permaculture Garden amazed them with the variety of plants that can grow in the limited area of ​​the ZeroWaste Center. We explain all stages of the garden only using natural materials such as compost, pesticides from papaya plant extracts, and companion farming methods that are well implemented in our garden. Then, our guests are presented with some important information about reforestation, climate change, and marine life so that they can get the additional information and real goals from our education center, namely for a better earth.

Play a ROLE

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