Republic Polytechnic Singapore and Bali Tourism Institute | Team Building | Topic Think Global Act Local – Monday, April 1st 2019. 

As part of their team building and sustainable tourism study, 51 students from Republic Polytechnic Singapore and Bali Tourism Institute (STP Bali) joined Think Global Act Local at Zero Waste to Oceans – Community Environment & Skills Center of ROLE Foundation. This program also part of their Hospitality and Tourism Capability Development in Indonesia.

After welcomed by ROLE Foundation’s founder and told about the story and ROLE’s vision for the environment and empowering coastal communities in Bali, the participants then divided into 4 groups. All of them learned about waste separation and waste management in Indonesia, composting, making seedling and seed balls, companion planting and identifying herbs names, observing snail farming, Indonesian herbal medicine (jamu), traditional weaving and natural dyes, where they made their own bandanas using Ketapang and turmeric for yellow, soap upcycling and paper recycling.

After 3 hours training all the participants enjoyed refreshments of traditional cakes and tropical fruits. All of them were enjoying the experiences learned a lot for their upcoming projects here in Bali.