As of 7 May 2020, Bali has 287 persons confirmed for COVID-19 cases with 188 of them already cured. Coronavirus pandemic has hit Bali hard, where about 80 percent of its GDP is based on tourism. Over the last weeks, most hotels have closed their doors as well as many restaurants, bars, etc. Nusa Dua area, where ROLE Foundation is located, is no exception.

Current situation at R.O.L.E. Foundation

The activities in the Zero Waste to Ocean – Environment and Skill Center, which is located in Sawangan area, have been reduced to the minimum. Right now, there are only three employees working as usual in order to maintain the site. Since 17 March, R.O.L.E. Foundation and Bali WISE’s staff are mainly working from home and we re-evaluate the situation week by week.

Effects on R.O.L.E.‘s Environment and Skill Center

It has been almost two months since R.O.L.E.’s Environment and Skill Center is closed for the public. There has been no public-school training program or tours happening on this site since then.

We also cannot make products under our S.O.A.P. and Weaving Future program because it requires staff to work on the site. Besides that, many of our selling partners have returned the woven scarves to us, so we have difficulties in getting income from it.

On the other hand, we are still delivering our upcycled soap to our partners with the help of the online taxi bike service, although not as often as we used to.

Looking internally and improve ourselves

Despite the challenges we are facing, we have been trying to stay afloat. In fact, this is a good time to improve the programs and projects and also the management of the park itself.

During these past weeks, we have been working on a community garden that is located in the upper part of the center. We are building the garden now and plan to plant vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices seeds. Hopefully, we will achieve small scale food security to people who work at the center and also surrounding neighbours.

Looking forward with a positive mindset

Yes, this is truly a devastating time for all of us. This pandemic affects people in person, organizations and communities. But we are not giving up! Whatever the circumstance is, we will always strive to give a positive impact to the environment.

We wish the situation will soon get better, so we can live and learn together again with the local community. Each of us has their own role for the environment. R.O.L.E. continues taking her responsibility and we know that you are doing the same! 🙂

P.S. we still have beautiful hand-woven scarves in stock for you! Purchasing this means a lot to our foundation and of course for the women that wove them carefully and with love. For ordering and more information, please contact Rika in +62 813 5332 5152 or