Since the end of January 2021, Lia volunteers in Upcycling Research and Development at the ZeroWaste Center, focusing on upcycling textile waste.

The benefit of upcycling

Since the 1990’s, there has been a major increase in shopping for new clothes and purchasing more clothing items. Worldwide, the yearly amount of textile waste is now 92 million tons, of which only 15% is recycled and the rest ends up in landfills. The fibers from textile waste are a major polluter of seawater, brought there from the land by the wind, rain and rivers. Upcycling textile waste gives the textile fabrics a longer life cycle and prevents new textiles being used in these products.

How does R.O.L.E. Foundation upcycle textile waste?

In the ZeroWaste Center, there are a lot of old staff uniforms from R.O.L.E. Foundation’s hotel partners. These textiles can be upcycled, to give it a new purpose. Lia, the ZeroWaste Center Manager, and R.O.L.E. Foundation’s Sustainability Advisor decided to upcycle these textiles into multipurpose bags and face masks.

Lia started with doing research on possible designs and how to upcycle the textiles. After making prototypes for the bags and masks, the textiles were measured and cut for bulk production, and they are now being sewed by a tailor. Next step is to have logos printed on them and after that, the upcycled products are ready for use!

Interested in volunteering for R.O.L.E. Foundation?

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