Nine kids aged 9-11 years from the Bali Riverside Homeschool in North Kuta were very excited to hands-on activities during a ZeroWaste Tour in the ZeroWaste Center. 

ZeroWaste Tours

R.O.L.E. Foundation offers several environmental interactive tours in the ZeroWaste Center for both children and adults. During a guided tour, participants learn about the environment in 10 different eco-stations and smell herbs, taste jamu, watch traditional weaving & natural dyeing, recycle plastic, make seedballs, learn about composting, reforestation, the marine life and much more.

Excited about the environment lessons

Before coming to the ZeroWaste Center, the kids already learned about the dangers of unsustainable fishing and burning of waste during their school lessons. They also experienced eco-printing techniques used for textiles. Equipped with this knowledge, they were delighted to learn about other environmental topics.

What the kids learned

The kids were really active in answering the questions and very critical to our environment’s condition. They were shocked to hear that everybody probably already has consumed microplastics through the fish we eat. 

Being competitive, they tried to create the best recycled sheets of paper ever! The kids also enjoyed the tie-dye session, because they surprised themselves with the various pattern they made and of course the bandana that they got to bring home. 

Well spent day!

The children have grown their awareness about protecting the environment and they also enjoyed a pleasant day full of interaction and hands-on activities. A well-spent day! Interested in doing a ZeroWaste Tour? Book a day here!