Alicia joined R.O.L.E. Foundation as an intern in Upcycling Research and Development at the ZeroWaste Center. Since the end of March 2021, she is focusing on researching plastic and is developing a plan for plastic upcycling.

Plastic Upcycling Volunteers at the ZeroWaste Center

The previous volunteers in Upcycling Research and Development did troubleshooting and maintenance for the machinery, experimenting with the machinery and also worked on the laboratory documentation. Due to COVID-19, Alicia is interning from home, having weekly progress meetings with us.

Ideas for Plastic Upcycling

Alicia is a graduate student in International Cooperation Projects Management at the International University of La Rioja, Spain. Before, she worked in the plastic manufacturing industry for five years. This grew her interest in doing deep research about types of plastic and upcycling ideas. So far, she has proposed ideas for upcycling the plastic waste in the ZeroWaste Center including ideas to upcycle the fishing nets we find in beach cleanups into bags and chairs.

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