298 students have received the impacts of the ZeroWaste Center Goes to School Program in April 2024. We visited two elementary schools which are SD 6 Ungasan and SD 3 Kutuh. Since January 2024, we have managed to give positive reviews for more than 1.600 students at seven schools in Bali. This program aims to educate youth especially students at elementary schools about waste management at school and home. Most schools in Bali are facing challenges in managing organic and non organic waste. We initiate this program to help the schools in managing waste properly and making compost from organic ways in a simple way. We realized that to encourage kids to be involved in learning, we need to combine knowledge with games so we designed this program by including waste-based games. We started this program last year, and this method has been given good reviews by students and teachers. We hope this program could reach more schools in Bali.

On 2nd of April, we visited SD 6 Ungasan for the very first time to conduct ZeroWaste Center Goes to School. There are 127 students involved in this event to learn waste management and composting at school. The school provided an indoor hall for us with a projector and sound system to support this event. As usual, we started with a waste management session, where students were elaborated about the danger of waste, waste issues in Indonesia, main causes and effects of waste problems, type of plastic and so forth. We closed this session by playing a group game where students were divided into four groups and needed to answer all questions related to waste management. Next session should be a composting session where students were taught how to make a compost by using some ingredients like brown leaves, green leaves, food waste, and cow manure. This session always made students ask some questions practically about how to do composting easily at home or schools.

The second school that we visited was SD 3 Kutuh. On Thursday, 4th of April, we went to this school to conduct the event for 171 students at the school. We were provided with an indoor hall and completed facilities to help in conducting this event. They were glad and had much fun learning about waste management and composting. They were enthusiastic during the waste management session where some students asked some questions related to the waste issues. 

At the end of the event, we will ask two students to summarize what they learned from this activity. Then we give some plants to the school as a message to always green the school with plants. Not only plants, we also donated 50 kg of ready-to-use compost that can be used for plants around the school. We always hope that this program can touch more schools and students in the future so that waste management can be better for a healthy environment.