The Sawangan Pilot Waste Management Program (Waste-to-Wonder) has successfully inculcated the first ever government-funded waste management system for the community. Role Foundation and Rotary Club Nusa Dua, Bali, ran the project for 14 months before successfully handing over to the Banjar (Community Council) of Sawangan in Nusa Dua, South Bali. The Waste-to-Wonder model safely processed 15 cubic metres of waste per week for 250 local family units (approx. 1500 people), composting organic waste to grow organic produce at Role Foundation’s 1.5ha Eco-Park gardens. Role Foundation with professional financial and engineering assistance from Project Partner, Rotary Nusa Dua, Bali, developed, maintained, managed and successfully handed the Project over to local community within 14months (10 months earlier than projected time-frame). There now exists for the very first time a government sponsored waste management system for Sawangan community.

Waste to Wonder

Waste-to-Wonder program outcomes include:

  • Curriculum and course materials for Sustainability Education Programs; Eco-Ambassador (3months); Town Planning (6months); and Community Educator (9 months)
  • Project socialisation and awareness-raising materials and processes
  • Trained Environmental Ambassadors and Community Educators/Trainers of Permaculture and Sustainable Lifestyles to manage the waste management service at the community level and introduce infrastructure development planning in their own communities
  • More than 200 Eco-Kids from local schools through the education program
  • Waste-sorting infrastructure at the Eco-Park, Sawangan, Nusa Dua
  • Distribution of 6 large bins and 250 family-sized household bins for waste collection
  • Signed MOU between Role Foundation and Ngis Village, Karangasem to signify a mutual commitment to establishing the Waste-to-Wonder model for Ngis Village (February 2013)
  • Allocated 2 x Eco-Ambassadors to Ngis Village to begin socialisation of the program (March 2013)
  • Established links with the market for organic produce in Bali, through BHA and Indonesia Organic.
  • Established links with project partners; including Shangrila Hotels, Alila Hotel Group, and Rotary Clubs throughout Bali
  • In 2013, Role Foundation has been approached by rural communities in Karangasem, Nusa Penida and Bondalem to help establish Waste-to-Wonder models there. Preliminary community consultation and MOUs currently in process for those communities.

Results of the Sawangan Pilot Waste Management Project include:

  • A cleaner, healthier living environment, and fewer disease = increased productive working time and greater financial freedom for Sawangan’s 1500 residents
  • An effective Waste Management system for the whole community
  • Elimination of the harmful practice of publicly burning plastic waste
  • 40-50m3 waste removed from the community each month
  • Proof that market quality organic fruit, vegetable and herbs production is possible even on the dry limestone slopes of Nusa Dua bukit.
  • 6 new jobs created (directly) to run and manage the waste collection service
  • 12 local farmers trained through the Eco-Ambassador program
  • Over 200 local school students through the Eco-Kids program

Building on the evident success of this project model Role aims to roll out the Waste-to-Wonder project to other rural and coastal locations around Bali.

The project objectives are to:

  1. Create and maintain clean and sustainable environment for land owners, residents and visitors to rural communities throughout Bali through a sustainable waste collection and management system
  2. Alleviate poverty by creating markets for the poor in rural Balinese communities through sustainable Agri/Eco-Tourism and Organic Farming development.
  3. Support communities to develop Sustainable Infrastructure Planning approach for Rural Development

Beneficiaries include rural youth, local school children, farmers, residents, business-owners and tourists:

  • Local Eco-Ambassadors Trained
  • Local Councilors for Town Infrastructure Development Planning
  • Local Community Educators/Trainers of Sustainability and Permaculture
  • Local Eco-Kids from public schools through the Eco-Kids Interactive Environment, Diet and Exercise Program
  • +1500 Local Residents of Sawangan banjar directly benefit from the healthier environment and environmental awareness campaign that has been created through the program.


Become a Project Partner (Corporate Community-Business Sponsorship)

Over the last 5 years ROLE Foundation has established partnerships with local business and community organisations to support ongoing education programs for local people. Rotary Club Nusa Dua, Bali; Coca Cola Amatil; and AYANA Resort and Spa have partnered with ROLE directly to support environmental programs, community literacy classes and vocational training for local people.

Expressions of Interest (EoIs) for Major Sponsors can be directed to the CEO via