40 visitors from villages in Papua put sustainable principles into practice whilst visiting ROLE’s Island Sustainability Education Centre (ISC) in Nusa Dua this month.

ISEC Teacher Pak Wayan explains the basic principles of permaculture to the members of Koperarsi Baliem Arabica.

ROLE’s Waste-to-Wonder Pilot Program launched last year in Sawangan Banjar with the support of Rotary Bali Nusa Dua.  The program applies permaculture principles to transform household rubbish into organic gardens for reforestation and food production.

Organized by PT Momentum the tour was designed to provide the Papuan Entrepreneurs with insight into eco-friendly sustainable business practice.

The participants came from various local organisations including the council of Kabupaten Mimiko, the organic coffee cooperative Koperarsi Baliem Arabka and the Lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat in Amungme Komoro.

“It is very interesting for me to see other farm sites and to be able to exchange knowledge about organic farming and permaculture. I hope it encourages many more people to start farming organically” said Kellion Jikwa, the secretary of Koperasi Baliem Arabica.

ROLE is hoping more people will come to learn about sustainable farming techniques and the Waste-to-Wonder program.

The Island Sustainability Education Centre offers all the facilities to host tours for team building, social activities, environmental education, camping, events and weddings.

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